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Our Jewish Generation Personal Pages

To deliver upon multiple requests and to stay current in this online climate: In August, launched an online Personal Profile directory that is able to attract single Jews nationwide.

When an individual decides to post a profile page, he or she will have control over what they want to write within their profile. OJG doesn’t force answers to multiple questions and place individuals in boxes.

He or she will be able to show their real name and their real email. Individuals do not have to use their last name or phone number in the directory display, but they can if they want to – again, OJG Personal Pages are designed to facilitate communication.

The purpose of letting others know you’re single and available is to connect to them. Therefore OJG feels it is critically important to create direct communications with real contact information.

Profile makers will have the option of using a real photo of themselves, or if they like the beach – he or she can post a picture of their favorite beach. OJG wants individuals to feel free to represent themselves as unique individuals and respect individuals’ levels of comfort.

Compared to other dating sites, OJG will not display fake profiles and allow non-members to display full profiles that obstruct the ability to really connect to available singles.

Unlike other online dating sites, OJG doesn’t use algorithms to match users and doesn’t promote users based on monthly payment plans or the number of times they’ve logged into the site.

The OJG model is one that is designed to encourage you to spend time writing a quality personal statement and read others’ profiles in full detail.

OJG will not sell information, treat members like inventory, or consider site users only as valuable as their data.

Each picture and profile description will be confidentially screened in order to ensure that each individual using OJG’s gateway is not offensive.